Welcome to my psychotherapy practice website. I hope that the following information will assist you in deciding if I may be the right therapist for your current needs.

I have found that important personal change can come through a therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. The therapist's skill and insight call upon the client's need to develop deeper insight and emotional health. The collaboration between therapist and client rests on the client's willingness to explore unknown aspects of self, and to let go of self-limiting patterns. The process of changing habitual responses based on greater insight and self compassion is enhanced by the client's committment. While the therapist's skill and insight affect success, the most transformative and healing element that creates success is the relationship between client and therapist.

Susan Rook-Thomas Aside from introducing you to my training, experience and therapeutic modalities, I hope this site gives you a sense of whether we may be a good match. Of course, objective facts and self-description cannot fully convey a complete picture of a person's presence and how you may interact with that person. Therefore, I invite you to call for a brief talk to see whether you'd like to meet for initial session(s). This will help you to assess if you want to continue in therapy with me.

                              Mission Statement

I am committed to support and assist my clients in the following areas:

to strengthen family relationships and the health of a     dynamic family unit
to build resources, resiliency and happiness for family     members
to promote safety from abuse, despair or impulsivity
to aid in recovery from trauma and develop ego and      soul vitality
to provide safety to explore feelings, reassess core     beliefs, rescript life narrative and increase creativity,      joy, and success in love and work.